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Boosting Pharmacy Revenue: A Juleb Rx Case Study
In Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving pharmacy sector, where the annual market value exceeds 20 billion SAR, continuous innovation is not just beneficial—it’s essential for survival. Digital transformation, including e-prescriptions and automated systems, is becoming a cornerstone of efficient and customer-focused pharmacy operations.

Understanding Juleb Rx

Juleb Rx is an e-prescription service that helps doctors write prescriptions for their patients on an electronic platform, allowing pharmacies to dispense them knowing their availability in advance. Juleb Rx has been specifically developed to enhance the efficiency of communication and workflow between doctors and pharmacies.

Benefits of Juleb Rx for Pharmacies

1-Improved Efficiency: By using electronic prescriptions and automated processes, workflows are optimized as doctors have instant access to medication availability in real-time.

2-Minimized Mistakes: Electronic prescriptions significantly decrease errors in comparison to handwritten ones, resulting in enhanced patient safety. Discover the full benefits of switching to e-prescriptions.

3-Increased Prescription Volume: The efficient processing of prescriptions through electronic platforms may encourage doctors to use the system more frequently, potentially leading to an increase in prescription volume for pharmacies.

A Sample Case Study

A small pharmacy with 2 branches in Saudi Arabia and 19 active doctors, started using Juleb Rx 6 months ago to address the challenges it was facing, which were not knowing the available qty of the prescribed medication, the constant loss of handwritten prescriptions, and the lack of accuracy in handwritten prescriptions, they started using Juleb Rx to address these issues.

In the first month of utilizing Juleb Rx, the pharmacy processed 159 prescriptions. By the end of 6 months, the number of prescriptions increased to 3990 prescriptions—an impressive average growth rate of 401.5%.

Total prescription English.jpg

Following the implementation of Juleb Rx, the pharmacy experienced the following benefits

1-Enhanced ability to know medicine stock in each branch, resulting in 97% time saved for pharmacists.

2-100% Instant auto-sending and receiving of prescriptions to the pharmacy branch, quicker than paper prescriptions, saving time for both doctors and pharmacists.

3-Streamlined prescription filling process using templates, increasing doctors' satisfaction.

Financial Impact on Pharmacy

1-Enhanced Productivity and Profit: By optimizing dispensing procedures, Juleb Rx has enabled the pharmacy to serve more patients each day, significantly increasing daily revenue.

2-Reduced Costs and Enhanced Efficiency: The reduction of errors with Juleb Rx has minimized the need for rework and decreased resource wastage, thereby lowering operational costs and enhancing overall efficiency.


This case study highlights the potential revenue increase that Juleb Rx can deliver. It provides a solution for pharmacies to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and boost revenue. By using Juleb Rx, pharmacies can position themselves for long-term success in the evolving healthcare landscape.

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Enas Khorsheed
Product Engineer
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