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Al Dawaa Success Story with Juleb
Read more about the implementation of Juleb Connect, with this case study of activating the tool with Al-Dawaa Pharmacy warehouses, for medication track & trace.

Warehouse management can be a logistical nightmare, and in the pharmaceutical context, it requires revision of what could be hundreds of different products going out in a single shipment, with varying quantities and packaging.

Imagine the introduction of serialization and Track & Trace, where the warehouse has to scan, and report, the unique serial number of each single medication box to the corresponding government entity, on top of ensuring their destination receives the correct items. This is the struggle that currently faces pharmaceutical logistics, that since the enforcement of Saudi Arabia’s RSD in 2018, each entity has been tackling in their own way.

Challenges faced by Al-Dawaa

Al-Dawaa Pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Saudi Arabia, their main warehouse being responsible for stocking up around 900 pharmacies around the kingdom. Prior to Juleb, Al-Dawaa had a working system for track & trace, assisting them in keeping up with regulations to a certain level.

One of the challenges was having visibility of their compliance status, despite the efforts to manually compare excel files and export/import from system to portal, to ensure every shipment prepared on the floor is equivalent to the files shared to RSD, and to their shipping destination. With more and more demands in operations, new challenges come up, which require matching system updates.

Starting with Juleb Connect

Al-Dawaa starting with Juleb Connect in January 2024 has reflected in drastic changes in the day to day operations, starting with replacing heavy machinery into mobiles available for all warehouse staff, and enabling aggregation on the spot. This mobility factor combined with wireless printing for labeling, and a speedy performance with thousands of serials involved, allowed aggregating in 1.5 minutes or less, what usually took 15 minutes, making a 90% reduction of previously hectic aggregation time.

Warehouse managers now also have a much higher clarity on their compliance status, whether inbound or outbound shipments, to keep up without the impending fine risk. And with the ability to re-process the transactions, there’s no longer a reason to delay shipment dispatches.

Juleb Connect is rapidly evolving alongside the pharmaceutical industry's growing needs. With the introduction of external integration APIs, even more success stories are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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Raghad Alafif
Technical Product Manager
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